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How to Clean Waterford Crystal Chandeliers 

How to Clean Waterford Crystal Chandeliers 

How to Clean Waterford Crystal Chandeliers 

There are some ways to clean Waterford crystal chandeliers without taking out all the bits and bobs and cleaning them individually. One of the options will be broken down before.

It does not take much to clean the chandelier. Crystal drops can remain clear by dusting with a feather duster.

When should crystals be cleaned?

People usually want to know how to clean a crystal chandelier. They may be worried that the crystal chandelier may be to difficult to clean. A special coating has been placed on crystals in the last ten years to prevent dust, which means less dust.

A light fixture usually needs to be thoroughly cleaned when it stops sparkling. This involves a deep cleaning that involves more than dusting.

Drip dry cleaning

Simply grab a glass cleaner as well as a chandelier cleaner to clean the chandelier. We also supply a crystal chandelier cleaner to make the cleaning easy.

For safety and to avoid electrocution, the lights need to be switched off.

Detach lamps from the chandelier and place tissues in the sockets so that liquid does not get in and destroy the lamp.

Newspaper and/or towel should be placed under the fixture to avoid a wet floor and/or wet table. For more coverage, add a large cardboard box underneath.

The spray should cover the chandelier completely.

Do not inhale the spray. Use a mask or keep the room well-ventilated to avoid this.

The spray should fall from the light fixture. The dirt that covered the light fixture will fall with it.

Once the fixture has dried out, take out the tissue that stopped liquid from getting inside the chandelier. Then, the lamp can be put back up and the chandelier can be turned on.

The bulbs can then be wiped down.

This thorough cleaning needs to be done once a year. Dusting should be done twice a month to keep the chandelier sparkling and beautiful.