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Are bamboo sheets the best, a review

Are bamboo sheets the best, a review

Are bamboo sheets the best, a review

What is difference between bamboo sheets and cotton sheets? Which are the best for you? Traditionally we think as cotton bed sheets being the most comfortable and the best available. There are a lot of reviews about bamboo sheets and most seem to be positive, so let’s have a look at why that is!

One of the prime reasons why bamboo sheets are growing in popularity is that the fabric is a temperature controller. The unique way that bamboo fabric keeps you cool when it’s hot and warm when it’s cold is a property that cotton does not possess. Bamboo has antibacterial qualities that help with allergies and achieve a better night’s sleep.

The main differences with the best bamboo sheets and cotton sheets is that cotton does not regulate temperature, cotton is not as hypoallergenic as bamboo. Bamboo is softer than cotton and after repeated washing, the linen is still soft and silky to touch. In fact bamboo sheets are compared to silk for their soft touch.

Most of the bamboo sheets that you will find in the stores or online are a blend of Egyptian cotton and bamboo, roughly 60/40 split. The great thing about these blended sheets is that combine the softness, hypoallergenic qualities of bamboo with the affordability of cotton. Blended sheets are breathable, eco-friendly and ideal for allergy sufferers.

Bamboo is a sustainable resource which is perfect for the environment and is fully renewable. Did you know that bamboo grows at a very fast rate and can easily be replaced after harvesting? Not all bamboo products are eco-friendly and you should check to see if bamboo is grown organically, pesticides and toxins are used in some bamboo materials.

Cotton fiber is a natural material, but to produce the cotton fabric chemicals and toxins are used, which is not eco-friendly. This makes bamboo an ideal choice for bedding, soft as silk or cashmere, but no animals are used in the process, green and animal friendly! Chemicals used to produce cotton fiber are necessary to prevent and kill bacteria and bugs present in its original state.

Cotton is a comfortable, breathable and cool fabric for bedding and clothes, but bamboo goes further with its antibacterial properties. A mixture of bamboo and cotton for bed sheets is an ideal combination and I would advise to buy them if you suffer from any kind of allergy or breathing difficulty. A calmer and more relaxed sleep can only be a good thing?

I have read a few bamboo sheets review and reviews on cotton sheets. I have researched bamboo and its properties extensively for quite some time. Here are a few sites to look at;